Pool Visit Safety Procedures

We have enacted the procedures and policies based on guidance from around Northern Virginia.

  • Each member will be screened for symptoms upon check in
  • Entry will be through the front desk, exit onto the grounds near the sidewalk gate near picnic area.
  • During phase 2, the picnic grounds will be closed to non reserved accounts each hour
  • Upon entry, swimmers will place towels, clothes in a designated area in front of his/her designated deck area.
  • Members must wait in their cars until their reserved time. A staff person will signal the member when it is appropriate to enter and ensure the member is wearing a face covering.
  • Avoid touching any railing, fences, tables, barriers, etc.
  • Your 50 minute time slot for swimming includes time to enter and exit the pool area.
  • Exiting Members must put on their face covering after exiting the pool. Members must leave the pool area through the designated exit gate immediately wearing their swimsuit and with all their equipment at the conclusion of their time slot. Any items left will immediately be discarded.
  • Members must not wear face coverings while swimming. There will be two swimmers per lane, with stopping allowed only on the same side of the pool as your lane marker and personal equipment. Unless in an emergency, no two swimmers in adjacent lanes should ever stop at same end. Maintain appropriate social distancing from other swimmers when entering, exiting, and/or taking a break. Talking to other swimmer while in the pool is prohibited.
  • Staff will ensure that in standing and seating areas, individuals can remain at least 10 feet apart from those not in their household. Lap swimmers will enter the pool area and walk to their lanes as indicated by the staff, ground markings and numbered lane markers. There will be a small table/chair at the end of each lane for the swimmer’s personal items.
  • Only water bottles will be allowed in the pool areas. Please fill your water bottle at home as the water fountains and sinks will not be available.
  • The Columbus Club staff will disinfect common use pool ladders, gates, water stations and lap lane tables as required.
  • Staff will use universal precautions when providing medical aid, avoiding mouth to mouth or mouth to mask resuscitation. Staff will use a bag-valve-mask. Universal precautions should include, at a minimum, gloves, masks, and eye protection.
  • The Columbus Club requests that every member shower at home before coming to the pool and be ready to enter the water immediately after entrance wearing his/her swimsuit and with all necessary equipment.